GS-1 Gyro Servo

The GS-1 has the features of a R/C servo combined with gyro stabilization. The gyro helps to keep the servo pointed in the same direction even when the servo moves around. It can be very useful for camera mounts to remove undesired motion from the camera, similar to how a camera's built-in image stabilization works, but the GS-1 works over a much wider range of motion. The GS-1 has been used successfully in applications where the camera is used for low level aerial photography, such as when suspended from a kite, balloon, pole or helicopter

GS-1 Features:

  • Same size as standard size R/C servos
  • 170 degree motion based on standard 1ms ~ 2ms PWM control
  • Ball bearing on output shaft
  • Futaba output spline
  • Nylon gears for smooth operation
  • 4.8V to 6.0V operation
  • 50 oz-in torque at 4.8V
  • 37 grams (1.3 oz) weight
  • MEMS gyro to compensate for servo movement
  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic gyro drift cancellation
  • Slow slewing on power-up to desired position
  • Can be used with a servo controller or R/C receiver or can be used with only a battery for stabilizing a fixed position

Users Manuals

Read the GS-1 manual for more information on how to use these products

Click here to download the GS-1 Manual.

Sorry, the GS-1 is no longer being sold.